NLP Plan Section Summary

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NLP Plan Section Summary

NLP Plan Section Summary

This video introduces the NLP Plan section summary.

Planning your NLP adventure makes it much easier

The second section of this NLP techniques site has been about the importance of planning, routine, and discipline in achieving your goals. Setting goals, milestones, and focus areas as well as regular reviews and daily questions are all ways to make the journey much easier and more enjoyable.

  • To most effectively use our resources – our attention, time and energy – and achieve the results we want, we need a simple plan and review structure. And we need to make using them a habit.
  • Articulate your end (long-term) goals, if only to yourself.
  • Set up a vision board with milestones and focus areas, together with daily questions and occasional review questions.

While setting this up takes some thinking time, on an ongoing basis the approach takes less than 15 minutes a day.

In the next session we look at how how our NLP Coaching Framework can help us achieve our goals and help others achieve theirs.

NLP Plan Section Index

NLP Plan 1: Why plan?
NLP Plan 2: Self sabotage
NLP Plan 3: Plans A, B & Z
NLP Plan 4: Success Quiz
NLP Plan 5: End goals, milestones and focus
NLP Plan 6: Planning and review questions
NLP Plan 7: Daily questions
NLP Plan 8: Summary

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