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Success Quiz

In this video, Michael explains the Success Quiz

Do this quiz at the start of your NLP adventure, and then quarterly thereafter.

I use this quiz to prime my clients’ thinking processes and to start them imagining what they really want.

You don’t need to share your individual situation, all I want is a number representing how confident you feel about each area.

Score yourself between 0 (low) and 10 (high) for the following:

  1. How strong is your sense of purpose in life?
  2. Do you have a very simple plan to move towards achieving it?
  3. Do you appreciate what you have now, regardless of where you are?
  4. Do you have a simple and short way of reviewing and reflecting on how you’ve done every day?
  5. Are you able (at least some of the time) to speak your mind without hesitation, make your own decisions and take action on them?
  6. How well do you connect with yourself and those people important to you?
  7. How happy are you with the time you invest in yourself?
  8. How well do you build health and resilience? For example: doing sport, meditation, art, hobbies etc.
How does the word ‘purpose’ make you feel?

The initial reaction people have to the first question regarding purpose is often: “Oh ****!” Purpose can be a problematic word, with various connotations. However it’s up to you to define it for yourself. In my experience, clients that find meaning in the term do significantly better than those that don’t.

The number you give is not important. Many clients have scored themselves ‘0’ on some questions but still move forward. Being honest and open with yourself is what’s important. At this stage, the thinking behind your score isn’t important to me.

Using this quiz as a screening tool

I also use this quiz to select (or deselect) clients. If they engage with the questions and are obviously interested in moving forward they’re likely to be engaged with the training and coaching.

However, if they’re disinterested and don’t engage, then another approach might work better, and in these cases, I suggest that they find another coach.

The next section covers End Goals, Milestones and Focus Areas.

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