Vikram Dhar

7 Steps to Developing Good Habits for Self and Business Transformation

There is no limit to success when you follow good habits that have been instilled in you since you were young. While there will always be people who go astray, learning bad habits due to their environment, not willing to change, and then there are many more who are willing to change for the better, and move towards a path which makes them successful.

Sometimes it is easier for people to stick to bad habits, and there are various reasons why this is so. Boredom and stress are two major factors that contribute to bad habits. It is a way of dealing with these two factors although there could be deeper issues, which contributes to this as well. While it may be tough to think why people are prone to bad habits, and if they do want to change, being honest with ‘self’, and open to change will help tremendously for a start.

If you are starting a small business, you are going to be the captain of your ship and therefore in charge of everything. There are so many details to look into when you start building your business from scratch. This means that your whole attention is focused on overseeing all the processes for starting a business and the materials and resources you need. There is no room for error, thus it is critical that you have good business habits from the very beginning.

You have to realize that bad habits prevent you from attaining your goals in life and success in work you do. They can interrupt your life and affect your physical and mental health as well.

To make things work, you have to eliminate your bad habits, and the first thing you should do is to recognize the things that need a change. Replace the negative things with positive ones. For example, you know that reading several emails non-stop first thing in the morning stresses you out. It also divides your attention and lowers your productivity.

Instead of reading those emails at the start of the day, concentrate on your business first. Attend to customers, check your inventory and see to it that your staff are doing their tasks. When things are settled, then spend the time to check your emails and reply to those that need an immediate response. Dividing your time efficiently is a good habit to develop.


List down all those habits that are currently hampering you from moving forward in life.

List down all those habits that you can have instead that will serve you better in creating a future that you want.

Make a commitment to yourself that for next 60 days, you will follow through one (small changes help to build momentum) habit consciously, and will change into a permanent unconscious excellence.

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