Emotional Intelligence Coach training

2/3 Days Classroom or 30 hours Online Format

Classroom (9:00 AM – 6:00 PM) | Online (Evenings 3 hours daily)

Flexible/ EMI Payment Option (Zero Percent Interest)

Guaranteed Best Program Support

The workshop is based on an experiential philosophy that encourages participants to relate their own life experiences to the EI Framework. This approach enables them to become more effective in managing themselves, managing situations, and managing others.

By participating in this Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner workshop, you will gain a multitude of benefits, including:

    • Developing greater personal awareness and understanding of yourself
    • Building more meaningful connections with others
    • Learning to effectively manage stress and engage in healthy collaboration in both personal and professional settings
    • Enhancing your optimism and resilience
    • Cultivating a stronger sense of inner control
    • Learning how to apply Emotional Intelligence to improve relationships in both personal and professional settings
    • Using Emotional Intelligence in your business management, training, coaching, therapy, and counseling practice.

Who will benefit:

This online Emotional Intelligence Coach training workshop is designed for participants who are looking to enhance their Emotional Intelligence skills, including professionals in leadership, sales, team facilitation, and soft skills training. It is also suitable for aspiring trainers who wish to deliver Emotional Intelligence training and other behavioral training programs. Additionally, the workshop is ideal for individuals who are new to coaching and are looking to learn about Emotional Intelligence coaching, as well as experienced coaches who wish to expand their coaching repertoire with the latest research on Neuroscience-based coaching.

The Emotional Intelligence Coach training workshop is designed for individuals of all backgrounds and professions. Whether you are a student, working professional from any industry, homemaker, HR or L&D professional, counselor, therapist, coach, trainer, parent, entrepreneur, or social service sector professional, this workshop can benefit you. Emotional Intelligence is a skill that is relevant in all areas of life, be it personal or professional, and can help individuals in managing themselves, managing others, and managing situations effectively.


Certificate Option (Emotional Intelligence and Coaching with Neuroscience):

      • Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner (ICF approved program)
      • Licensed Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner (IAPCCT)
      • Certificate in Neuroscience Coaching (IAPCCT)

Program Outline:

The Emotional Intelligence training workshop in India covers a comprehensive range of topics to equip participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively apply Emotional Intelligence in their personal and professional lives. The program content includes:

  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  • Understanding the Competencies of EI
  • Assessing EI Competencies (Self and 360-degree assessments)
  • EI Derailer Detector
  • EI Coaching Framework
  • Building Self-Control and Self-Management Tools
  • Coaching using Neuroscience Tools and Techniques
    • Self-awareness
    • Affect labeling
    • Shuttling exercise
    • Reappraisal
    • Trigger listing
    • Emotion vs Reason list
    • Reframing
    • Possibility listing
    • Contextualization practice
    • Building trust
    • Journaling, and many more
  • Emotional Auditing and Neuroscience Mapping
  • Emotional Style Assessment and Neural Correlation
  • Building Neural Pathways for Emotional Balance
  • Latest Advancements in Emotional Intelligence: Coaching with Neuroscience
  • Brain Coaching Fundamentals
  • Coaching Case Studies using Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence

Program Accreditation

Program Dates (Emotional Intelligence certification in India):

Online Instructor-led (6 days): July 13 – July 18, 2024 , 7 PM – 10 PM, India Time

Program Price:

  Early Bird Price – Online: Rs. 48,000/

  After Early Bird – Online: Rs. 58,000/


To obtain more information about Emotional Intelligence training in India and the Certificate in Neuroscience-based coaching, you can use one of the following contact methods:

  • Email info@nlpcoach.in with your name, phone number, and preferred time for contact.
  • Fill out the Emotional Intelligence certification in India Contact form.
  • Contact +91-7506070907 via WhatsApp or phone call for more information and registration.