Below the murky waters of NLP, you will find excellence! 

You may or may not be aware that NLP is a very confused world these days, especially for those who are searching to attend a course on NLP. With no global trademark and copyright on the word ‘NLP’, different governing bodies have mushroomed over a period of a decade or two, each claiming that they run pure NLP Trainings in India, best NLP Trainings in India, top NLP Trainings in India, and relevant NLP Trainings in India and so on, the list is endless. Every week a new NLP trainer is born in India, and they are the most sought after from day one, as per their social media marketing campaign.

If you are looking for an NLP training in Pune, NLP training in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai or anywhere in India you might be wondering what to do, where to do it from, and what should be considered before you register for a program with an NLP Trainer?

“Behind every behaviour is an unconscious positive behaviour for the doer” – classic Pre- supposition of NLP. This can be applied in the case of a new NLP Trainer, who is using some of the above-mentioned tags (Best NLP Trainer in India, Top NLP Trainer in India etc) where he/she as a business person is trying to get some marketing going by these tags. In the bargain the person who is exploring to attend an NLP program is left confused, and if they attend with somebody (who was promoting using the tags above) who is a bad NLP trainer (half-baked or no knowledge in some cases), they will be left with a bad taste about NLP and the applications of NLP trainings.

Every (Well most of them) new trainer or coach announces on social media that he / she is the top NLP trainer in India or Asia, and have been training from last 15+ years or more, and has transformed lives of 100000+ people (Big claims, with no validation). How blatantly people misuse language for marketing gains and are misrepresenting facts makes me wonder, ‘Is conscious dead?’ Many NLP trainers and coaches have disappeared from the scene, because of all these gimmicks they adopt as short cuts for marketing. Later news spreads (in NLP circuit) like wild fire about their dismal performance.

If you are looking for an NLP training in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata or are looking for NLP training in any part of India or any part of the world, here are some things you must consider:

Be aware of your need: You must be clear about the reason you want to attend an NLP program. There are times where people are misrepresented about what they want from NLP, because of some false notions that is being created by abusive marketing (where things are misrepresented by service providers – NLP Trainers in this context), and when they attend an NLP program, they feel left out and dissatisfied with the program.
Example: There was a person who called me once and told me, “I am struggling in my current business, and have been cheated by many people, and I want to undergo NLP training so that the trainer will tell me what my strengths are, and how I can make sure people don’t cheat me”. The person was told by some NLP trainer that if you come to me I can tell you how to get better in business and solve all your problems with NLP. These are big claims that bring disrespect to the NLP industry.

Make sure that as a participant you understand why you would want to undergo an NLP program, what is provided during the program, and how it will help to achieve your objective.

Profile of the Trainer: The profile of the lead trainer is the deciding factor on how a program is being structured. Here are few things to consider:
Is the trainer experienced enough to run an NLP program?
Do they have the required training background?
What is the quality of their experience?
Who has trained them?
What are they offering? How are they offering whatever they are offering?
Testimonials / Recommendations of the trainer?
What are the other experiences of the trainer, can he/she talk about applications of NLP? Have they applied them in their personal life?

Offering: What is being provided in the training? If somebody is selling you the training program by talking about breakfast or lunch being included in the training, DVD kit/NLP videos, and stay being included (which might be a shit hole, as provided by some trainers in India, just for the sake of providing it) – these are inconsequential things when you are looking for a program. Breakfast/Lunch you can eat on your own. DVD / NLP Videos are available in Tera Bytes online on internet. The quality of the NLP program depends on the experience a trainer can create during the training program. A quality training program will focus on the learning objective, value being provided, extended timings/more content in the course, post program support, access to trainers/coaches post the program. These are things you must be concerned about when looking for a program.

Roadmap of success: Is the training organization giving you a plan to succeed if you consider doing higher level programs? Does the organization provide higher level courses? What is the quality of programs provided by NLP organization? If someone is considering taking NLP and their coaching journey forward, how will NLP programs be helpful to succeed as a coach or a trainer?
Once you go below the murky waters of NLP and have sorted your need out, figured out with whom to attend an NLP program, and have chalked out a plan of action towards your coaching / training journey, you will realize that beneath all this lies the framework of excellence, which was the very first reason NLP was created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. At times in utter negativity the essence of NLP is being lost, and the negative news gets highlighted by press and social media with respect to this technology of excellence. Plus, NLP challenges old methods of Psychotherapy and some of the old therapeutic interventions / frameworks – so there is a lot of resistance from that lobby to put NLP down. No matter what is happening or what people are going to say, NLP has survived for more than 45+ years, and is here to stay for good. With many intelligent and successful people getting aware of this technology and taking keen interest to learn more of it to succeed further, spend time with it, and integrate it into their personal lives and business to get the transformation they want, it is going to spread even more. In the digital era, where top NLP trainers of the world are creating various forums and leadership summits to increase its visibility and applications, things are looking brighter for NLP.

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