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Benefits of Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a way of influencing the behaviour of the brain. It is done by using language and various other types of communication. The program includes recoding of brain’s responses to various stimuli, and is aimed at manifesting better and new behavioural patterns in a person.

Dr.Richard Bandler first coined the phrase ‘Neuro Linguistic Programming’. Often, NLP incorporates self-hypnosis or hypnosis, which will help in achieving the required change (‘programming’).

Uses of NLP

It enhances the overall performance, and helps individuals in staying focussed, and taking complete control over their emotional state. This helps them achieve what they desire from their lives.

Specific outcomes are produced through various techniques and strategies. For example, the popular NLP ‘Fast Phobia Cure’ uses different set of strategies, as compared to ‘Motivation Strategy’.

NLP is all about freedom, as it allows individuals to have more options in their lives.

Is NLP a therapy?

NLP is an educational process. It can be used to bring about constructive lasting changes, which psychotherapy seldom manages to produce. NLP differs from therapies, as it is solution-oriented. It focuses on finding suitable outcome for the clients, rather than merely dissecting and analysing a problem.

Top sports people and businessmen reap Benefits of Neuro Linguistic Programming to enhance their overall performance.

Principles of NLP

According to NLP, people possess everything that is required to succeed, and attain the desired outcomes. All they need to do is find out how to unlock them.

Success of communication depends on the response that you get. When a person learns to communicate in a better way, the world will also respond in a better way.

The principle is deep-rooted in the belief that, if a person is in complete charge of the mind, then his life will also be in his control.

Neuro-linguistic programming is highly effective system, which changes the patterns of emotional and psychological behaviour. This enables you to achieve success in anything you do, and get the pleasure of a blissful personal life. NLP educates individuals through self-awareness and improves their communication abilities. This will help a person learn new behaviours, which is to be adopted in life, in order to create the chosen outcomes.

NLP Techniques

By following the impactful techniques, you will not only be able to change your behaviour, but also attract positive experiences and get better results.

  1. Dissociation – People generally react negatively to a situation, and then they become upset or stressed about it. However, by following NLP techniques, it is possible to neutralize the negative emotions. Also, it can cure phobias, as it allows you to access the situation without prejudice.
  1. Content Reframe – The technique is perfect to use, when you are angry or feel powerless in a situation. It changes the entire meaning of the circumstances, which makes you consider it in a different and empowering way. For example – Generally, people tend to panic in unexpected situations, or when they get fearful thoughts. This leads to failures and problems. Therefore, you need to shift focus from the negative aspects, and move towards the benefits. Any situation will have both good and bad aspects. It is always useful, when your focus it on the good side.
  1. Self-anchoring – This technique is usually used to bring out the emotional response, which will instantly change how a person feels. This is especially useful in situations, when a person is upset or is feeling insecure.
  1. Rapport – This is important and easy to master. It enables you to manage any kind of individuals. Several techniques could be used to create rapport. You can mirror an individual’s body language, breathing pattern or use similar words used by the other person. Moreover, you can assess the individual’s key sensory preference, whether it is auditory or kinaesthetic. You can then use this preference to develop rapport.
  1. Belief Change – Beliefs are formed depending on the facts, which you come across relating to a particular experience. The three forms of limiting beliefs are namely – Beliefs about identity, meaning, and cause. The beliefs will influence how a person views the world and they become conscious of various aspects of reality, which is in concord with them. In fact, beliefs are quite powerful, as they determine the experiences in life. In order to modify limiting beliefs, it is important to gather positive facts, rather than negative ones in a situation.

Boost your sales by using NLP selling techniques

If you are sales manager, sales person, small business owner, or an entrepreneur, who wishes to boost sales and improve sales skills, then Neuro linguistic programming is just the perfect answer. It offers insights and skills, where your body, mind, and emotions effectively communicate with other individuals.

NLP works in the field of sales, because the selling techniques of NLP are best suited for every sales prospect. You have to master the process and some of the selling techniques.

Some of the tips about NLP that help in getting the best benefits are:

  1. Creating a positive and pleasant association with your service or product is vital. This process is known as anchoring. It generates a ‘spark’ in the mind of the customers. In short, you will be a creating an image, which is quite powerful.
  2. Develop psychologically subtle queries to identify the needs of the customers. In this technique, you can include questions related to the issues that a customer has about the current service or product. You will ask what benefits and features they would like to have in the new service or product.
  3. Disrupt the customer’s pattern of thinking, which will help in overcoming any objections. This selling technique will help to move the customers to another region of thinking. For instance, if a customer is worried about the price, you may counter this by enquiring them about the benefits they expect for their money.
  4. Generally, people would like to follow somebody, who is in the authoritative position. This greatly reduces the sales objections. In this technique, the customer can be presented with quotes or examples of famous people, who use your service or product. Learn ways to motivate others and yourself with ease
  5. Effectively manage your internal state of mind and get things you want, and influence others to work happily. This will help you in achieving your dreams. It will help you get an edge over competitors in the business and increase your profits safely
  6. You can use the program to overcome the hurdles that prevent you from taking your career or business to the next stage.
  7. You can use the language with elegance and greater precision, so that you obtain what you want.
  8. You can make better decisions and think clearly and in a better way

Benefits for Your Relationships and Yourself

  1. Identify quickly and overcome the limitations, which will hold you back in life. Once you breakthrough these hurdles, your personal as well as business life will not be the same again.
  2. Learn things that you were not aware about yourself before
  3. Master your subliminal mind, which helps you to learn quickly than the traditional teaching approaches
  4. Gain that extra edge, which makes you a powerful and effective communicator
  5. Master your emotions, which will help you to handle all eventualities, without adding undue stress in you.
  6. Develop instant confidence
  7. Enhance personal relationships

If followed properly, the Benefits of Neuro linguistic programming techniques will change your life in a positive way. They are efficient, and work on every individual. It is certainly worth spending a few minutes to try these techniques. If in case, some of the techniques mentioned above do not generate the desired outcome, then you will to keep repeating it until you reach your goal.

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