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Best NLP Practitioner course in India

There is no such thing as best NLP Practitioner course in India.  You might be wondering why this statement?  Simply put, one specific course may be good for one person, and the same course may not be good for another person. NLP is a subjective experience, and each person will experience the program differently. That’s why you should search online for your the one meeting your specific needs. Reach out to NLP practitioners on social media and ask them whatever you want. You shouldn’t have a hard time finding them, as most NLP practitioners are marketing savvy and use The Marketing Heaven to stay afloat in the competition. If somebody is looking to learn NLP from an application perspective, and if the trainer focuses on the NLP Jargon, theory, stories, history, and NLP techniques, and demonstrates his/her knowledge more than focusing on learner’s outcome then that program is useless for the participant, even though coverage of that program might be good.

Most of the NLP trainers are not trained or certified by experts (Co-founders: Richard Bandler, John Grinder, and other co-developers: Robert Dilts, Frank Pucilik, Tad James, Steve Andres, Charles Faulker and many others).  Having said that, most of the Indian NLP trainers have limited knowledge of NLP and they end up creating their own version of NLP and hence create a limited experience for the participants.

As per Richard Bandler, NLP is a technology of change, it is a framework of excellence, but unfortunately, it has become a quick rich get scheme, more so in the Indian context, because it is the latest entrant in the Indian market, and trainers (soft skills etc), are looking at it as an easy to learn tool to make themselves marketable in the competitive training world.  Most of the NLP Trainers in India claim that they run the Best NLP Practitioner Course in India, even without understanding how to create a learning environment for the learner.  Half of the NLP trainers train using PPT, which is such a shame if they call themselves NLP Trainers.  NLP Trainer has to be a designer of experience and to call themselves NLP trainers the NLP trainer needs to understand how to run an NLP Practitioner Course using NLP, and cater to the needs/outcomes of the participants.

If you are in search of Best NLP Practitioner course in India, it is pointless to do so.  Rather, find an NLP Practitioner course, and attend one based on what you have to achieve, link the learning back to your outcome, and then explore.  Make sure that the program that you are going to attend is run by the expert(s), somebody who has relevant experience of doing this.

Many fake claims regarding NLP training are on the websites these days (Here are a couple of them, which are used in some variations or the other by NLP trainers on their website, social media advertising etc):

1) “I have trained 20000-500000+ people in NLP and transformed them”

(Let’s do the math – Average 20 in each batch, let’s assume 12 (very rarely somebody can manage this number) in a year, so not more than 240 in a year).

If somebody has lectured in front of 300 people about NLP that does not qualify as trained people on NLP and transformed them.

2) “I have been doing NLP training for last 20+ years”.

Training using PPT on soft skills, or in some college on some topic, probably ‘yes’.  Look through the words – In that NLP experience would probably be 6 months to few years.  Most of the NLP trainers in India can’t claim to have more than 6-10 years of experience.

Be safe in your search for Best NLP Practitioner Course in India. Check the LinkedIn profile of the trainer(s), work experience in terms of training/coaching, testimonials, Facebook Pages, Google Reviews, Video testimonials, most important word of mouth buzz in the market, their training credentials (who trained them and when).

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