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NLP is presently a universally recognized program that is helping people to improve their personal and professional lives. Its gains in the lives of people are reflected in the boost in their self-confidence, their enhanced capacity to build healthy and durable relationships, and their improved levels of wellness.  NLP’s reach in the field of professional lives has also registered a steady expansion, which has been documented extensively especially in countries like India, and other Asian countries.  Hence, the search for Best NLP Trainer in India or in Asia is a unique search, which you will get to understand in the rest of the post.  Professionals have attested how NLP has helped them in fields as diverse as business, health, sports, wealth creation, public speaking, and many more. 

All the gains that NLP provides can be realized only when people do NLP with proper attention. Since this requires getting trained by an expert trainer, it is important that people choose their trainers with sufficient care, so that the gains that they expect are truly made available to them.  In India, the exercise of finding the best NLP training in India with the right person, the best NLP trainer in India is a little difficult and somewhat risky because the NLP market is flooded with trainers of all kinds, genuine as well as a fake. I say fake, because many so-called trainers have jumped into the field because it promises (promised made by other fake trainers to their participants) good returns without much investment, and then the chain of providing NLP training continues. They use the media to offer attractive packages to prospective clients and put themselves up as qualified and experienced trainers, even when they are not.  Some of them make their packages attractive by flaunting their collaboration with agencies and individuals (the credibility of these agencies & trainers is also a point of discussion) from outside the country.  Many people fall for such baits and get into trouble soon after. So, there is a need to shy away from self-styled professional gurus.  

Best NLP Trainer in India ~ The reason

The saying that a job well begun is half done is true much more in the case of training programs than in other activities.  So, it is understandable why people want to join the best NLP training in India from the best NLP Academy or an institution and work directly with the best NLP trainer in India. In fact, that is the only way in which they can get the best returns on their investment of money and effort. Before deciding on going for any NLP training in India, people need to do some research to find the place that has the best trainers, fit enough to offer the best courses. They have to pierce the media glare to get at the truth of places and people that provide the training that is valuable for them.

Given below are some useful tips for people to ensure that they succeed in enrolling themselves in programs that fulfill their needs and aspirations. Based on the outcome that people generally seek, decent NLP courses (classroom-based) may range from a Diploma that requires 2 days to an NLP Practitioner course for 7/8 days and NLP Bootcamp for 16/20 days, a complete end-to-end till Trainer’s Training program.  Apart from these standard programs, there could be other kinds of tailor-made programs to suit pre-determined outcomes for individuals and institutions.  Therefore, anybody looking for NLP training in India has to be clear about the expectations from it, and also aware of the international norms when it comes to the number of days that an NLP training program is being conducted. NLP Practitioner program is mostly the entry-level program offered by various trainers (so-called NLP trainers, because most of them are not even trained) in India, and the problem with these programs is that they range from 4-5 days with washed down content with skills of trainers delivering them questionable.

A decent NLP Practitioner program of international repute is of at least 7 days classroom-based contact classes, or an equal number of contact hours when it comes to Instructor led online NLP training program.  

If you are looking for the Best NLP Training in India, then you must do your research well, and also understanding your own training need as well.  Here are few pointers.

Know your need for the best NLP training in India:  

To find the best NLP training in India suited to your requirements, you need to find answers to the following questions:

  • What do you intend to do with your NLP training?
  • What specific outcomes do you expect from the NLP program? 
  • What criteria will inform you that you have achieved the outcomes you were seeking?
  • How does someone qualify to be known as the top/best NLP Trainer in India according to you? In what way?
  • What specific expectations do you have from the NLP trainer you would like to get trained from?

Your answers to these questions will help you to choose the Best NLP training in India that will meet your specific needs.  In line with this, you will accordingly look for the Best NLP trainer in India who can do that for you.  It is obvious that you might make a shortlist of some trainers that will fit your need and then apply yourself to make the final selection. The considerations that will guide you in doing that are explained below.  

For the top NLP trainer in India, the most important consideration is that the person should have mastered the true spirit of NLP, who offers high quality, impactful, and affordable NLP workshops and is in business not just for making money.  The authenticity of an NLP trainer, as well as the quality of his/her NLP training, is an equally important factor to consider. Also, read more about what is NLP

For this, take the following into account:

  1. The training profile of your trainer? How long has s/he been in the business of training people?  What kind of programs s/he has done?  Any concrete and material evidence of the quality of their program?  Any reviews on the delivery and quality of the programs on social media, such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn. Any word of mouth recommendations?   It is better to make a thorough check on this from multiple sources.
  1. What is the trainer’s training background? How qualified is s/he in NLP?  Who has been his/her trainers?  And from where? How active is he/she with his/her mentors?  How much of his/her training is reflected in his/her performance.  Is there any evidence of growth and diversification of course content?  In short, how active and imaginative is the trainer in keeping himself/herself abreast of changes in the manner in which courses are conceived and delivered?
  1. Is there any professional support for the programs done by him or her in terms of accreditation? How much of it comes from the known and established bodies like SNLP, ISNS, ABNLP, and NLPU?  Is this reflected in the certification of the programs handled by him or her?   All prospective trainees ought to know that such accreditation bodies do not normally approve professionals who have received only online training, and quite justifiably.  Who would, for example, want to be treated by a doctor who has received only online training, and has no practical training?  So choose only those trainers who have attended classes and programs of known people in the field: such as  John Grinder, Richard Bandler, Frank Pucelik, Robert Dilts, Steve Andreas, Connirae Andreas, Michael Hall, and Judith DeLozier.
  1. What is the educational and professional background of the trainer? That is, before becoming a trainer, what did s/he study and where?  And what kind of a job did she/he do and where? This is important to know because many people become trainers only because they could not do anything worthwhile in their lives.  But if a trainer has studied in reputed centers of learning and worked in known companies and corporations, the experience adds considerable value to their training programs and is a plus for the participants to understand the application of NLP.  This is truer if you are looking to learn NLP from a perspective of Leadership Coaching / Executive Coaching and Business Coaching.  
  1. You have also to study carefully the prices of the programs that are offered by the trainer. It is true that high prices may not always reflect the quality and low ones may not be outright bad.  The best way to look at prices is to see them in relation to the trainer who is offering the course. If s/he is the right kind of person to do it well, then the price is not much of a consideration.  The only caution that you have to bear in mind is that price alone should not figure as an important consideration in your decision-making.

You can check on this by asking questions directly to the trainers/or doing independent research about them, before committing yourself to their programs.  Especially lame claims by many NLP trainers in India who claim to be the Best NLP trainer in India.  Some of the possible questions are listed below:

(For assessing intention)

  • What drives you to conduct NLP programs?
  • What purpose are you serving?
  • How do you support participants during as well as after the program?

(For Analyzing expertise)

  • What NLP frameworks do you have expertise in? 
  • What are your professional qualifications as an NLP Trainer? 
  • How long have you been training people in NLP (just NLP)?
  • Which NLP co-founders/co-developers have trained you?
  • How specifically do you stay updated about the latest developments in NLP?

(For ascertaining credibility)

  • Which reputed organizations are you associated with as an NLP trainer member?
  • Which recognized institutions accredit your training?
  • What specific results did NLP help you achieve in life?
  • What is the evidence?

 NLP training in India with NLP Coaching Academy:

If you want to knock up breakthroughs in any area of your life, whether personal or professional, here is an option for you to experience NLP with NLP Coaching Academy.

As the founder of NLP Coaching Academy, I take immense pride in what I have been able to achieve in the space of NLP training and Coach, both personally and direction of NLP Coaching Academy. 

My formal journey of NLP training started with my own pursuit of excellence at the workplace. I was happy in my Information Security Career in IBM and was always amongst the top-rated employees in my team, but the desire to do that extra and constant improvement led me to that search, ‘How to get better at workplace’, ‘How to increase your personal productivity, ‘How to create a mindset of champions’ and during this search, I stumbled across an NLP training in India, and with some research, I took a leap of faith and attended an NLP program.

The training program changed my life, and it made me wonder about the endless possibilities for a human being, the purpose of life, life beyond the ordinary, how to design the life of your dreams and live it every day.

With these thoughts in my head, I started to delve into Self Help books, watched videos of NLP leaders, and created a small plan of action for myself. As an experiment, I started to do NLP programs at the workplace (IBM) on weekends. I created an Intranet NLP and Coaching group on the IBM internal site for NLP and Coaching enthusiasts. To my astonishment, I used to get 14/16 people every month to train with me on two days (Saturday/Sunday).  I did 10+ of these programs in a year to get as much NLP training and coaching experience.  Later on, I started to take NLP training and Coaching programs outside of the workplace on weekends, and this became a monthly feature. At some point, I decided to make this my career and started to work towards improving my NLP and Coaching skills, and I managed to learn directly from John Grinder (Co-founder of NLP), Michael Hall (Co-founder of Neuro-Semantics).  I managed to attend training and sessions with Robert Dilts (Co-developer of NLP), Judith DeLozier (Co-developer of NLP), Frank Pucelik (Co-founder of NLP), Connirae Andreas (Co-developer of NLP), Steve Gilligan (NLP Leader and Co-founder of Generative Change), Michael Beale (Richard Bandler certified trainer and coach trainer), Marshall Goldsmith (Top Coach in the World), John Mattone (Coach of late Steve Jobs), Daniel Goleman (World’s authority on Emotional Intelligence). 

I leveraged my Information technology experience to build a business around NLP & Coaching, with NLP Coaching Academy business collaborators in 12+ countries, and personally having trained and certified 4000+ people in NLP and Coaching, from 45+ countries (All in classroom-based programs across Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai, Jordan) is a feat in itself. 

Why I am telling you all this? Just to ensure that you understand that there is no shortcut to success.  Take your time, plan well, and commit to that plan.  You will become successful!

NLP is as vast as an ocean and if you really want to learn NLP and feel its real magic and power, then you have to spend time practicing it, using it on a daily basis, and ensure that you coach people using NLP (as working with someone is the fastest way to imbibe NLP in your life). 

One day my mentor told me, “Vikram, if you want to be the Best NLP trainer in India, then there has to be a buzz in the market around your personal brand.  People should say, learn from Vikram as he is someone who helps people to make it easy for you to crack the NLP code, as NLP runs in his blood, and he is an epitome of patience, and application of NLP to his core to get the kind of results for himself.  His story is inspiring because as an Indian NLP trainer he has been able to make a mark internationally. Are you cut out for this?”.  Without a blink, I said, “Yes!”, and after that, there was no looking back.  

I wake up every day and the words play in my head as if they have been told to me right now, and that enables me to live NLP on a daily basis.  Work towards getting better on a daily basis with my NLP skills, Meta NLP skills, Emotional Intelligence skills, Coaching skills, applications of NLP at the workplace, Well-being, etc.

Should you need any further assistance about NLP and Coaching, write to me on vikramdhar26@gmail.com, and I will be happy to answer your queries.


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