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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) started off in the US nearly four decades ago, but it is a relatively new concept in India. However, because of its proven usefulness in varied fields, such as Leadership Development, Sales Training, Executive Coaching, Life Coaching and Sports Peak Performance Coaching, it is already on a fast-track growth trajectory. In spite of this, many individuals and organizations are still not sure of the benefits that this programming can provide. That is why NLP trainers in India have not only to work on honing their skills as trainers but have also to educate people about the concept of NLP and its usefulness for doing things efficiently. This, no doubt, makes heavy demands on their time and effort, but the good news is that their success rate has gathered momentum during the last four to five years.

Since the NLP trainers in India have to combine their knowledge of NLP with their ability to train effectively, they need to have a fairly good mix of communication and persuasive skills. An effective NLP Trainer has to stimulate curiosity in trainees about the concept, answer their questions, allay their doubts, convince them about the usefulness of doing NLP, and demonstrate how exactly its gains can be reaped. S/he has to learn to weave magic with NLP and keep the trainees fully engaged.  Any shortfall in the trainer’s effort will have a damaging effect on his/her reputation and also on the trainees’ experience.

A good NLP trainer has to pay attention to the following:

  1. Balancing Information and Demonstrations

Some NLP trainings require the transmission of heaps of information and some need effective demonstrations, which help learners understand a concept by seeing how it works in real time.  Because of this, an effective NLP trainer should be able to decide with accuracy when to provide more content (information) and when to actually demonstrate what is being discussed.  A perfect balance between the two components is critical for an NLP trainer to be effective and successful in the long run.  Most of the trainers in India have not been able to get opportunities to learn from international trainers, such as Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Steve Andres, Tad James, Robert Dilts, and other Tier 1 co-developers (Judith, Connie Andreas, Charles Faulkner, Leslie Bandler etc.) of NLP. Because of this, the quality of their content and demonstrations may not always be of the desired level.  So seekers of NLP training have to make sure that they have full information about the qualifications and experience of their trainers, before they commit themselves to any kind of training. If one believes that doing NLP is really beneficial, then it is important that one should invest time and money only in quality experience.


  1. Bringing about lasting change / growth in the trainees

NLP is a personal and business transformation program, which is anchored in the subjective experience of the trainees.  So the best way to measure the effectiveness of any program is to ensure that there truly is a lasting change in the trainees. The trainers need to make solid moves towards the outcomes/goals that they want to achieve.


  1. Encouraging sharing through experiential learning

An effective NLP trainer utilizes the concept of experiential learning to deliver an NLP training program.  Because of this, it cannot be conceived or delivered through a power point presentation, though some trainers tend to do that to make an impression. That unfortunately shows that such trainers are not even aware of how to design an experience for their trainees. A good NLP trainer will always encourage his trainees to share their experiences, because having an experience and not talking about it takes away the essence of learning for them. A good NLP trainer has to learn to manage this aspect of the training program well.


  1. Keeping the training simple and flexible by designing it in manageable chunks

Since NLP training in india is delivered to a group, a mature and understanding trainer keeps the design of the program generic by basing it on his or her calibration of what would work best for any given group, and works out the best possible route to enhance its effectiveness. The trainer delivers the content and designs the required exercises by breaking them up in small chunks. This ensures interactive sessions in which the trainees understand what is being conveyed to them, apply it effectively in given situations, and also get enough room for curiosity-driven question-answer sessions.


  1. Managing the group and its expectations

The best NLP trainer in india manages the outcomes of all his trainees on the basis of group dynamics, which varies from group to group. Since trainees do have opinions on different topics, an effective trainer will always work out a balance between people expressing themselves and keeping the discussion relevant for the group as a whole.  Since this calls for resourcefulness of a high order, it truly distinguishes ordinary NLP trainers from the exceptional ones.  The exceptional ones acquire this skill by working constantly on their constructive practice sessions with diverse groups of trainees.


The trainer also makes the trainees understand that NLP covers a vast area of knowledge.  It cannot be learnt in a day or few days.  The trainees have to do many practice sessions of short and long durations to make an effective change in whatever field they are in.


  1. Eliciting curiosity

An effective NLP Trainer will use NLP to train on NLP, which itself is a skill.  NLP is not a theoretical subject which can be taught academically to experience a change.  An expert NLP trainer will be a master in Accelerated Learning Concepts and Experiential training design.  The training will be delivered keeping in mind both these aspects, and the trainer will ensure that the participant do further engage with NLP after the program by keeping them in a state of curiosity, which is the most powerful way to learn faster, and also in an engaging manner.


  1. Building Trust and using humour

An effective NLP trainer will engage with participants by using humour as a mode of learning, and building trust and establishing rapport with them.  Trainers with a sense of humour are capable of engaging the trainees totally, for it makes learning easy for them and also maintains their energy levels.


  1. Adding value

The value that trainers bring on to the table will determine how they are moving towards being the best NLP trainers in India.  An effective NLP Trainer and NLP Coach will walk the talk, and their credential and testimonials will lead the way for them.  They do not need to sell, for their work will speak for them, in the kind of value they would have provided to the participants.

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