Get to Level Next: Find Your Life Changing Moment by Benny George; Chennai: Notion Press, 2016; pp. xvi+52; price: Rs 150; PB.

This short book by George Benny is the product of his personal experience of running training programs and his reading of known masters in the field of his work. With a neatly designed frame, which consists of a short Introduction, four chapters, and a crisp Conclusion, the book makes the readers understand how they can reach the next level of excellence in their respective fields of work.

The tone for this is set in the Introduction, in which the author asserts that all of us can and must move ahead in life by working with our fellow beings in a spirit of harmonious coexistence and mutual respect so that we become living models for our children.

The opening chapter creates a sound basis for this by emphasizing that we need to “live mindfully.” That is, we need a positive mind set, by learning to be grateful for what we have, be modest and sensitive, so that we work in an atmosphere of calm and peace, and live every moment of our lives with sobriety and grace. This is possible only when we are not upset by temporary setbacks and do not lose the required momentum for advancing in our lives. We also need to shake off the burdens of our past, look ahead with hope, and stay focused.

Moving to the next level demands that we are clear about our goals. However, goals are not to be conceived as the final limits of our reach; there is always a scope for extending these limits, so that we can leave behind a mark for others to follow. We need to work ceaselessly for that to happen, by gathering more knowledge, acquiring new skills, but making sure that we do not violate the moral fabric and value structures of our society. This is the best way to ensure that we move ahead smoothly in our pursuit of reaching new milestones.

Quite often, while working towards realizing our goals, we tend to forget that we owe something to the society in which these efforts bear fruit. To make sure that that does not happen, the author writes a separate chapter on “giving back to society.” Making a careful distinction between giving and sacrificing, he says that there is an element of happiness in giving, which gives a pleasant air to our successful lives. So we need to remind ourselves constantly that all our achievements are made possible by the society in which we live, and we have to ensure that we give back to it something from us, so that its capacity to enrich the lives of people who will come after us is strengthened.

The last chapter stresses that our efforts will bring in rewards only when we have faith in ourselves. Apart from faith, the author states four more F’s that are essential for our success—family, friends, finance and fitness—that we need to take care of, but faith is the fulcrum on which all others move.

The conclusion is in the manner of an invitation by the author to begin our journey of success with confidence, but not before taking care of all that he has outlined in the preceding chapters.

Get to the Next Level is written in a simple and straightforward style. The text is peppered with interesting stories, inspiring happenings, and the words of wisdom of successful people from all walks of life. This makes the reading of the book interesting and effective. Benny George has written a useful book that should be read by all those who aspire to move ahead in their lives.

The book can be purchased in different forms (hard copy, ebook) through various channels (flipkart, amazon etc.) available from Publishers link below.

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