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When it comes to Selling and Marketing, what is the buzz word these days? Is it ~ ‘Neuro Marketing’ or ‘Persuasive Selling’?  The nomenclature can be many in this context, but it usually revolves around the same theme ~ to understand ‘The Psychology of buying’ from the buyer’s perspective, and ‘The Art of Selling’ from the seller’s perspective. Having said that, Selling and Marketing have always been interesting topics and the dynamics of how things have evolved in this space is getting even more exciting every day!

To keep it short and sweet: if you are looking to understand ‘Neuro Marketing’ or ‘Persuasive Selling’ or how to increase Sales using NLP ~ then read further.

NLP is a behaviour change methodology which was designed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in early 1970s to create a quick and lasting impact for people who were experiencing negative emotions, phobias etc. Over a period of time Richard and John explored many facets of human excellence and unlocked the patterns of excellence which enabled people to get results in different areas of their lives. One of them happened to be Enhancing Communication and Persuasive Speaking.

Somebody who is very good (possessing high Sensory awareness – a person who can feel more, hear more and see more around them) in understanding human patterns, can quickly relate to a person and can easily calibrate their personal preferences, based on their Neurology, and as a result they can be easily influenced to take action (which can be as simple as influencing them to make a purchase).

There are many Sales trainings and techniques where the focus is on how to pitch your product, how to counter sales objections or how to build your brand on social media, with or without help, etc.. All these points are secondary because people don’t buy products or services. They connect with sellers based on their: Values ~ how they build trust, how they build rapport, how they present in a way that the person understands. This is modern day Selling using Neurology and Linguistics based Techniques of NLP.

Sellers rarely take the time to understand the behaviour patterns of buyers. They don’t think that each person is unique in their own unique way and will have a unique buying strategy. Or that each person will have their own unique way of Neuro interpretations of things, and they will have their own decision making strategy.  Sellers have to observe (non-verbal cues – body language etc), and listen (verbal) to understand their buyer, and create a custom strategy to present their product and influence the buyer to buy.

Persuasive Selling takes into consideration all these aspects of modern day selling, and there are many case studies to show that people have used NLP techniques to sell or influence people to take a decision.

High-level course outline headings (each will have associated techniques built into it) for a typical Neuro Marketing or Persuasive Selling are:

  • How people think and how they can be influenced using language patterns
  • Neuro Logical patterns of building unconscious rapport with clients
  • How to get into a frame to sell well
  • How to influence people using conversational language of influence
  • Meta Programs – Decoding the neuro secrets of how to influence people
  • How to understand your client’s perspective during a sales cycle
  • Selling in a way which is non-threatening and where there are no sales objections
  • Enhancing communication to sell well
  • How to speak your clients language, so that the time to make the sale will be reduced

When will NLP and Sales training come in handy (Diagnostic Scanarios)?

  • If you think you are having a tough time convincing people to buy your product/services
  • If you think you have a great product/service but clients are not buying even after a sales pitch
  • You think selling is tough, and it is impacting your career growth, and you believe you lack selling skills
  • You are not making enough sales, and your business is under threat
  • If you believe there is lot of potential in your Sales team, however, they are not able to drive conversions, and numbers are not good
  • You spend lot of time making sales calls and the numbers are not looking good
  • You are spending lot of time on cold calls, and the return is not good
  • Your sales numbers are good, but you want to make it even better

These are some of the scenarios which are diagnostic indications that probably you as a Business Unit Head, Sales Leaders, or as an Entrepreneur can consider as symptoms of when to consider a different approach to Sales (How to increase sales using NLP) and Marketing ~ which is the Neuro way to Sell, or Persuasive way to Sell.

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