Licensed Emotional Intelligence Master Coach Practitioner ™

(Blended learning: Online Instructor led training, reading assignment + coaching practice + project work)

This course is designed to achieve two primary outcomes. Firstly, to equip coaches with an additional approach to coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Coaching Mastery using Neuroscience, which will allow them to explore their vision and identity as a coach and evaluate their performance and coaching approach. This knowledge can be applied to help senior leaders, current clients, family members, and oneself with the behavioral change process. Learn how to apply EI for Team Coaching.

Secondly, it is intended to provide aspiring trainers with a training design cycle, methodology to develop their own corporate programs around Emotional Intelligence.

This program is suitable for anyone who wishes to expand their coaching and training toolkit with ample literature, tools, and techniques on Emotional Intelligence. It is ideal for individuals interested in helping themselves and their team succeed, and the program is beneficial for both new and experienced coaches. The learning approach includes a mix of methods to cater to delegates’ learning styles, such as instructor-led learning, facilitated breakout groups, demonstrations, reflection sessions, and Q&A windows during each session.

The business benefits of this program include significant improvement in coaching capabilities for coaching oneself, the organization, and clients for productivity, performance, and personality enhancement. One can also develop leadership programs using Emotional Intelligence as the methodology for their talent pool, which can increase their credibility as a solution provider in the organization.

Emotional Intelligence is crucial, and cultivating it offers the opportunity for a more fulfilling and happier life, resulting in emotional well-being. This course helps individuals develop behaviorally intelligent interactions and build a resilient mindset to manage changes and complexities in their ecosystem, leading to harmony and peace in their mind and body.

Course Syllabus:

The curriculum of this course includes the following components:

  • Understanding the anatomy of emotions
  • Identifying the factors that impact emotions
  • Learning tools and strategies to manage emotions
  • Building self-confidence through various tools and strategies
  • Improving communication and empathy with others through effective tools and strategies
  • Enhancing teamwork and collaboration skills through proven tools and strategies
  • Developing others with the help of effective tools and strategies
  • Achieving happiness and peak performance at the workplace through practical tools and strategies
  • Understanding the Human Brain for a Coach and conducting coaching interventions based on brain functionality and brain science
  • Using Neurotransmitters and Hormones for coaching interventions.
  • Application of Team EI competencies for Team and Group Coaching

After completing the course, the participant will gain a powerful coaching process and framework that can be utilized to coach yourself, your clients, and others in your life. You will also be equipped with enhanced coaching skills and capabilities. Emotional intelligence is the intersection where cognition and emotions meet, enabling individuals to develop resilience, motivation, empathy, reasoning, stress management, communication, and social skills. Applying emotional intelligence in the workplace can greatly enhance job performance and social capabilities, leading to increased success and satisfaction.


  • Licensed Emotional Intelligence Master Coach Practitioner TM
  • Licensed Emotional Intelligence Team Coach
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