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Neuro-Semantics, also known as Meta NLP is the de-facto Latest Code of NLP, as well as one of the most incredible frameworks designed to help people in leading meaningful lives. Various other codes and variants of NLP didn’t gather much momentum because their concepts were vague and unclear, not well grounded in research, and they proved to be ‘Very Poor’ from practical application perspective. Neuro Semantics however came as a fresh breath of life in the NLP community because not just it expanded the reach and application of NLP, it also ensured continued enrichment of the NLP concepts. Moreover, by setting up the firm foundation of the concept of ‘apply to self first’ Neuro-Semantics enhanced the ability, capability and credibility of the Practitioners as they went about helping people transform to get the desired results easily and quickly. If you are looking for details on how Neuro Semantics can help, what it is all about, how it can be a very powerful concept for modeling purposeful living, and most importantly where to attend the authentic Neuro semantics training in India, then read on-

The need for meaning is, arguably, as intrinsic to human nature as the need to survive. It is what differentiates our species from other animals. More specifically, it is what helps an individual to live and thrive where others might simply exist and fritter away. Notably, such an individual is able to:

  • Create meaning
  • Live according to that meaning
  • Incorporate meanings that enrich and empower their performance (e.g. behaviors, skills, activities) to reach the next level of expertise and mastery
  • Transform and upgrade embodied meanings that do not enhance their life or facilitate their resourcefulness
  • Reach intotheirinner world (with layers upon layers of meaning), discover how to manage the mind and self-actualize in every sphere of life
  • Access positive meanings to drive their everyday actions
  • Perform at their highest and best meanings

To a skeptic, this scenario may seem far-fetched. They might ask, “Is it possible to live such a life?”The answer is a resounding yes.

Holocaust survivors demonstrated the power of meaning by overcoming great physical hardships. They had very little going for them yet survived due to the meaning they found in existence.

Since meaning is so important, it was just a matter of time before somebody invented a holistic, robust behavior modification frameworkaround the concept.That science is called Neuro-Semantics.

The performance of meaning

Neuro-Semantics may begin with a simple inquiry: “How meaningful is your life?” Eventually, it will dig deeper to examine the layers of meaning we hoard, consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously. And it will provoke the question: “How meaningful is each meaning you bring into your life?”

Since meanings exist in layers, Neuro-Semantics devised the Meta-States Model for understanding a person’s self-reflexive consciousness.The model:

  • Helps create and embody meaning
  • As a result, it determines:
    • How we perceive our life and the ecosystems we occupy
    • The attitude we bring to our skills and competencies

The science of Neuro-Semantics

  • An interdisciplinary framework created by L. Michael Hall
  • First core model based on NLP’s Meta-States model in 1994
  • Leverages the Bateson principle: Higher levels govern the lower levels
  • Uses wide-ranging insights from Cognitive behavioral sciences, Developmental psychology, Neurosciences, Cognitive linguistics, Cybernetics, System dynamics, anthropology etc


In short, the quality of our subjective reality can be influenced by using the Meta-States model of Neuro-Semantics.Etymologically speaking, the term is derived from two words: semantic relates to meaning in language or logic while neurorelates to neurology. These two words together make one thing clear: this science explores the mind-body connection.

Purposeful living: The mind-body-emotion connection

If meaning determines the quality of life and performances and the performance of meaning itself can be explored, then great possibilities open up. Each inner meaning – be it thought, idea, belief, decision, intentionetc– can be brought up for scrutiny.

Because our states are neuro-semantic, we must accept that we embody meaning in our mind-body-emotion states. Therefore, no study of the physical world is complete without a comparable examination of the inner workings of the mind. Therefore, Neuro-Semantics explores the inner and outer worlds in equal measure. Picking up from where NLP and General Semantics left off, it has made great advances in modeling. It is perhaps the greatest tool to discover the secrets of human excellence.

Understanding Neuro-Semantics

This article was about dipping your toes into the ocean that is Neuro-Semantics, and getting your feet wet. For a deeper dive, read The ABCs of Neuro-Semantics & What is different in Neuro-Semantics.

Neuro Semantics training in India

Internationally, many articles have been written about the exemplary work done by Dr. L. Michael Hall – the founder of Neuro Semantics. It is a pity that until now very few people in India have taken time to benefit from the vast resources he shared from his bag of Neuro Semantics. Well, such mishaps are not much surprising for a country where people have just begun exploring the power of NLP. Catching hold of the resources of Neuro Semantics (Meta NLP) might definitely take time for a lot of people.

If you are not like most people who keep waiting for things to happen, if you are someone passionate about creating a life worth living, and if you want to gain an edge over others, then look deeper into the impact of Neuro Semantics training in India and read about the rich history of Neuro Semantics on the links I shared above. Further, if you would like to attend one of our Neuro Semantics training in India, please go to our specific NLP event page for India, and register for one of our Neuro Semantics Practitioner program in India

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