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NLPers, why are you hiding?

All those who know me know that I am an avid learner. I keep advancing rigorously with the latest updates in the fields which enhance human potential, remove limitations, and give incredible results. It’s been a long and rewarding journey for me and I sure took my time to filter what works from what doesn’t.


As I think back on time, I am reminded of a fancy Coaching course I attended many years back. The overall program experience had not met my expectations as I could soon realize that the entire course content was nothing more than a jumbled mix of tools borrowed from different sources, attractively packaged together under a new scheme of Coaching. The powerful tools from NLP, Emotional Intelligence, direct Psychology made some sense, but the others based on some low-grade therapy models took the joy away. It was at that moment I realized that it’s better to stick to my roots of NLP and stay true to it forever.


Today, I am a proud ambassador of NLP. I explored courses with the NLP Giants (co-founders, and co-developers), worked on my dreams, and achieved them. I regularly coach and mentor people to become successful Leadership Coaches/Executive Coaches, Business Coaches, and Life Coaches from all over the world using the framework and methodology of NLP, Neuro-Semantics, Neuro-Science, and Emotional Intelligence. This has been mentioned on my site, my blog, my marketing material, everywhere. I don’t hide behind the self-acclaimed fancy frameworks of Coaching. I am a proud NLPer. I admire the richness of NLP and I value the rigor that went into creating it.


Unfortunately, not everyone stays authentic and appreciative of their roots. A lot of people use NLP Coaching under different self-proclaimed fancy names, depriving the well-deserved brand ambassadors of the Human Potential movement of their due credit.


The endless work the co-founders, co-developers, and extended NLP Master Trainers of the 70s, and 80s have put in developing and in creating NLP as an incredible technology of change has made life a magical adventure for a lot of successful people.


I wonder what’s the point in hiding behind the curtain? What’s the harm in telling the world how you could do what you did? Why would you not announce that NLP helped you overcome your challenges? When NLP helped you achieve greater results, why not declare that you too believe in the potential of NLP? Why hide it? Let everyone know and be benefitted from it. STOP HIDING!


If you work as a Leadership Coach, Business Coach, Life Coach, etc, or facilitate ICF certification courses and use NLP in your work with people, then brand yourself as an NLP Coach as well, especially because it will help you attract potential clients. A lot of people seek validation before enrolling in a coaching program and the brand power of NLP will help you build credibility in their eyes. Let people know the model that proves your worth. STOP HIDING NLPers!


When you write articles, and books, mention NLP in references and acknowledge the source.


Be authentic towards your true self. Value how you do what you do and be a brand ambassador of what you believe in.


I am taken back to the popular movie ‘X men’ where the mutants (aka freaks with powers) initially tried to blend in, but then ultimately all of them said in one voice- ‘No more hiding!’


It’s high time now.  If you are an NLPer, then you must ask NLPers why are you hiding. 


One more time I announce at full volume that I am a proud NLPer as NLP enables me to coach my clients effortlessly as well as live my life to the fullest.  If you are an NLPer, will you come out of hiding?


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