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Top 12 Persuasion techniques

When Oprah Winfrey said, “What material success does is provide you with the ability to concentrate on other things that really matter. And that is being able to make a difference, not only in your life, but in other people’s lives”; With this statement she was able to move many hearts, inspiring people to donate more to charities and motivating people to help those who belonged to weaker sections of the society. She is considered to be one of the most highly regarded speakers in the world because of her persuasive style of speaking.  Top 12 persuasion techniques is an indicative listing, and a good start to become a persuasive speaker.

Like Oprah Winfrey, we have a lot of leaders, speakers and people around in our daily lives who have an impactful way of speaking, which allows them to easily persuade people to listen to them, and convincing people to do whatever they want. Since persuasion is a skill and not just an innate ability, you can master it as well.  Keep in mind that persuasion is not synonymous to manipulation where people end up feeling like they have been forced to do something which was not in their best interest.  If people are using Persuasive language skills to influence people into something good then it is ‘ok’ to use the skills, otherwise it can be put into the category of manipulation. Persuasion is an art through which you can make people do something that is in their best interest and at the same time beneficial for you as well.  Here is a listing of top 12 persuasion techniques to get started.

1. The Bandwagon Technique

When you are trying to persuade someone into taking an action, or agreeing to a point, then chances are that they will be persuaded into it more quickly if everyone else seems to be doing the same thing. While jumping on the social bandwagon may sound cliché, everyone likes to do it, so that they are not estranged in a society.  This is a mild way to influence people, as you are just bringing it to their awareness what others are doing, while making a gentle suggestion to take the step.

2. Repetition

An illusion of truth is created in the mind of any human who hears the same thing again and again. This is why repetition makes anything more believable. If you are trying to persuade someone then make them believe in whatever you are persuading them into by repeating it.  Lot of research has been done to persuade people using this persuasive technique.  You may be aware that the latest marketing techniques (email marketing) are based on persuasive technique of ‘Repetition’. You will receive a gentle reminder to buy a product, or to do something on periodic intervals and the though gets registered in a person’s sub-conscious mind, which eventually leads to an action by the receiver.

3. Talk About the Benefits

If you are trying to persuade someone into taking an action, you might as well begin talking about some benefits of that action.  People will be persuaded by the value proposition of what they are getting into.  E.g If you are selling a product to the client, your product will have certain features, rather than concentrating on the features, you will be better off to explain the value proposition to the client regarding the benefits of the product around the requirement that the client is looking forward for.  Among top 12 persuasion techniques, this one  stands out, and must be used as the primary one to persuade people into taking actions.

4. State Explicit Facts

Unambiguity breeds doubts in the minds of people. This is why it is good to be clear and precise when you are trying to persuade people. Explicit facts makes things clearer and people feel that they are being taken into your confidence, this is helpful when you are trying to persuade someone.  Facts, will help people to get convinced faster rather than beating around the bush.  Keep the conversation simple.

5. Add A Touch of Humor

People enjoy humor. They like to laugh because it feels good. If you were to sound more convincing, it is good to share a few laughs together with the people you are trying to convince. They will feel more comfortable in your presence and it will be easier for you to make them agree.  Humor will invoke a resourceful state in the listener, and it will be easier for you to persuade easily.

6. Find Common Ground

When you convince people that your needs are similar to theirs and you are just like them, then it becomes easy to persuade them into performing a task, buying a product or making them agree to your thoughts. Salesman use this technique very often to close a sale. When you find common grounds with the people you are interacting, they find it easier to trust you and are persuaded quickly.  Make sure you practice to improve your listening skills, and pay more attention to what is being said, and fine tune your conversation around what the person is talking about.

7. Bring a Refreshing Perspective

When you try to add a refreshingly new perspective to your conversation people are more inclined to hear you and be persuaded by your viewpoint than someone who tries to relate the same old story when trying to persuade someone. When you are unique and your ideas are refreshing, people like it and are persuaded quickly.

8. Logic

If you are persuading someone without making enough sense then you are manipulating the person into doing something and not persuading them. Persuading a person requires good logic. When you talk logically and make sense, then you will be more successful in your persuasion. You can persuade a person to drive a car by telling them about the car and driving instead of talking about flying cars, and how they can be the future of transportation.

9. Flattery

Without overdoing it, flattery can often help in building rapport which in turn leads to a persuaded person. If you want to persuade a person use hints of flattery and if it makes the person blush, you know you’ve broken the ice and it will be easier for you to persuade the person. Persuaders are good with slick lines that do not feel over the top and hit you accurately to make you trust them enough to be persuaded by them.

10. Nostalgia

Speakers who address huge crowds often find nostalgia to be a splendid way to get a grip on their audience from where they can sway the audience to the side they want. Talk about the good old days, when lives were beautiful or remind them of the time when they were super excited about something and the audience will be ready to hear you out.

11. Analogies and Mini Stories

Use an analogy that is unique, funny or familiar for the audience you are addressing. When you try to persuade someone, an analogy or a mini story can uplift the persuasion process and help you reach your goal quickly. People prefer analogies because it helps them compare things and makes concepts easier for them to understand. Use analogies in an innovative manner to improve your persuasion skills.

12. Scapegoating

This is usually the most commonly used technique of persuasion in politics where parties tend to build up blame against one other trying to use them as a way to persuade the public to believe in them instead of the other party. Scapegoating may not be the most ethical persuasion technique, but it does have its own benefits.

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