Long ago, when I was looking for an NLP training in India or more specifically an NLP Training Program in Bangalore, I didn’t find many. The choices were extremely limited. I had to settle for what felt like my only option – an organization offering NLP Training in Bangalore.  Given the lack of options, I was very worried about the quality of delivery in the program. I could only hope that the training would be good, as I had read on many different international NLP blogs that NLP programs in India are generally as wash down NLP content. I cannot deny that the training that I attended was good (I was fortunate to find a decent one, considering a lot were not available to select from), but I also realized that there was scope for improvement on several fronts – the training could have yielded more value for the participants had it been more exploratory and less demonstrative of the trainer’s knowledge, less therapeutic, less focus on playing energy games, etc.

History of NLP training in India

Back then, NLP Training in India was a niche area in India with very few NLP Trainers to choose from. Today, NLP Training is still a niche area but a plethora of NLP Trainers are available – most of whom are not well versed with Neuro-linguistic Programming. While the lack of NLP Trainers used to be an issue a few years ago, an abundance of them is a problem now. Hence, one must be clear about the purpose of NLP Training before making a choice of NLP Trainer or about the NLP Training Program. Make sure that the NLP training program in India, that you are looking for is going to be the best investment in terms of program content, program outcome for you, best accreditations and international acceptance of the Trainer and the program, and most importantly delivered by the best NLP Trainer in India.

The objective of NLP Training

One must understand that the objective of NLP Training is not to exhibit how much knowledge the NLP Trainer has but it is to ensure that the trainees get trained organically (custom content, custom speed for a particular batch) in a way best suited to them. The idea is to make sure that the participants push their boundaries by putting themselves in states of curiosity, exploration, application, analysis, and assessment. The trainer should enable the participants to try out different frameworks and figure out for themselves what works where and how. The NLP Trainer must not spoon-feed the trainee but instead should encourage them to build a learning mindset, explore the subject, find out what works best for them and how they can make it better.  These days NLP coaching is in demand, and some of the programs that are being offered in NLP are blended NLP Practitioner and ICF coach programs in India.

The real power of top quality NLP training

When I started attending NLP Training Programs by co-developers and co-founders of NLP and got a chance to understand the psychology behind NLP, I realized that my intuition regarding NLP Training and delivery was spot on. NLP Training ideally needs to be conducted in a unique style wherein the Trainer uses NLP to deliver NLP. The right NLP Trainer will enable his trainees to learn how to learn and encourage them to explore the subject in their own way.

You must have heard the old proverb – “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”. A seasoned NLP Trainer works with this in mind. He/ She conducts the program in order to create an environment for learning where the participants are encouraged to grow with NLP by trying out various frameworks, making mistakes, and learning from them.

NLP was created by geniuses who studied various aspects of human psychology like human behavior, human state of mind, adaptability of humans, and what makes that happen. NLP Training is about first absorbing and applying these mental structures and then representing them in the most accurate manner so as to facilitate learning, behavior development, personal change work, etc.

Where does it take you?

In the last decade, I have managed to learn from the best of the best and I continue to do so, with the aim that the issue I faced at the beginning of my NLP journey is not faced by others. I would rather have budding NLP enthusiasts spend their time and energy on the actual subject rather than spend time comparing NLP with Psychotherapy, Psychiatry, or anything else, as that won’t take a person anywhere.  I was there once, trying to figure out what the difference is, only to realize that I spent more time looking for what NLP is not, rather than focusing on ‘What is NLP’.

I have shared my learnings and experiences on various platforms as writeups in blogs or videos so that it reaches people far and wide and they are able to understand what NLP truly is and what a nuanced and effective NLP Trainer or NLP Training Program should look like.  If you are looking for an NLP training in India, then ensure that you are aware of what you are looking for, and once you have figured out what works for you, dive right in, and keep your focus one inch wide, and 1 km deep, that’s the pathway to Mastery.

Where to go from here for your NLP training

If you want to learn Neurolinguistic Programming, you must start by consuming quality content about NLP available on the internet. I suggest that you read some more blog posts on this personal website and on the NLP Coaching Academy website as well so that you can take an informed decision regarding the next step in your NLP journey.

All the best! I’ll see you around if you make the right decision 🙂

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