Vikram Dhar, Licensed NLP Coach, ICF-ACC, ICF-Mentor Coach
Certified NLP Trainer (ABNLP & ANLP, UK), Licensed NLP Coach (Certified by Richard Bandler), Professional Power Coach (PPC), CLI, Canada
From C++ Programming to Neuro Linguistic Programming

I volunteer my time as an NLP Trainer and Life Coach, and work with individuals to help them achieve their goals, change unwanted behavior, eliminate limiting beliefs, and gain control over different aspects (personal and professional) of their lives.

I have a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Bradley University, Illinois, USA and an Engineering Degree from NIT Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh, India. I have worked with market leaders in many roles – IT Risk Consultant, Training, Security Advisor, Sales Leader, for over a decade now.

In search of the answer to, ‘Design your life the way you want’, I have explored the powerful world of NLP and Coaching by attending the Master Practitioner and Trainer Level trainings with Sue

Knight, an International Consultant from UK and author of ‘NLP at Work, and ‘NLP and Leadership’. The impact of which resulted in upgrading my operating system from ‘IT Work Version 1.0’ to ‘Living Life Version 1.0’.

I am an experienced coach, trained in Power Coaching with Mind-Kinetics by International Master Coach, Betska K-Burr from Coaching and Leadership International Inc, Canada. I am a Licensed NLP Coach (Certified by Dr Richard Bandler, under Society of NLP), and use powerful NLP based Coaching tools and methods.

The most important task on my agenda is to take NLP learning to the masses, by regularly facilitating free NLP workshops.

If you are a not for profit organization (situated in any part of the world), looking for Executive coaching, Leadership Coaching or Behavior change training programs, feel free to reach out to me. If I am able to connect with your organizations mission and values, I will travel and will facilitate the program for Free, depending on the schedule, and my availability.

Professional Qualification

MS Computer Science, Bradley University

Engineering Degree from NIT Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh

Certified Master Practitioner - Sue Knight

Certified NLP Trainer - Sue Knight Books and Talks

International Coach Federation (ICF) - Association

Certified NLP Trainer, Association of NLP, UK

Licensed NLPCoach & Licensed Business Master Practitioner - Society of NLP, Richard Bandler

Certified NLP Practitioner - NFNLP, US

Liscensed Business Practitioner - Society of NLP

Associated Power Coach - CLI, Canada

International Coach Federation (ICF) - Assoc...

Certified NLP Trainer, American Board of NLP,

As a NLP Trainer member of the American Board of NLP (ABNLP) and Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP, UK), my trainings are run as per the Code of ethics by ABNLP, USA and ANLP, UK.
ABNLP, USA, and ANLP, UK are two largest and trusted independent NLP membership organizations in the world.

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